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Workshops Body in the outdoor space

1 mei 2021 00:00 - 5 sep 2021 23:59

Company Studio Eclipse is offering a series of outdoor movement workshops given by
Satya Roosens.
We will do 5 dance weekends, with the focus each time on a different environment.
1st weekend (1-2 May 2021) Sonian Forest
2nd weekend (5-6 June 2021) Moor of Kalmthout
3rd weekend (3-4 July 2021) City center of Brussels 4th weekend (31 July - 1 August 2021) Industrial zone 5th weekend (4-5 September 2021) Seaside
I would like to work on how to place the body in nature and the public space and how movement can be researched. How can we use our body differently, depending on the theme and the environment. I want to help you increase consciousness of how to experience the elements and how wonderful it can be to move in nature.
How can we put the body in contrast with the environment or merge with it?
We learn about feeling what is working or not working in these wonderful areas. We are small and nature is big. We are moving and nature is still. Or is it?
These central questions will be practiced for real on the streets and in public areas. I will give tasks to all the participants and they will accomplish them in their own way. The closure of each workshop will be to create a final setting, work, performance... to show to each other and the public in the streets.
I hope this can teach more about the importance of the human body in public space. Where are our weaknesses and how can we be strong and visible for what we want to express.
I will include a warm-up session each time to prepare for the bodywork on the street or in nature.
How does the day look like:
10 a.m. -1 p.m. introduction talk, warm up, group work and composition 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. lunchbreak ( bring your own food & drinks)
2 p.m. - 5 p.m. improvisations, duos, solos, reflection talk
Please be prepared for all kinds of weather. We will spend the whole day outside, some extra clothes and warm tea can be helpful.
You have to travel by yourself to the meeting spot. Always possible to drive together.
Price: 1 weekend 120€, all weekends 550€
Mail or call 049634780
Please pay by bank transfer and mention the date of the weekend and your name, to the account of Studio Eclipse BE49780591764071
Due to the Covid rules, we’ll limit the number of participants.
Satya Roosens is thoroughly experienced in outdoor work and has spent her career being outdoors. She has been dancing in all kinds of circumstances. She worked for years with the French company Ex-Nihilo on the pavement in city centers. For Studio Eclipse she created projects in water, in trees, on sand and with animals. She has always been inspired by the powers of the elements and how they provoke the body to move in different ways.
She’s willing to share her enthusiasm with other movers and to explore together what the environment can bring to each person.


1 mei 2021 00:00 - 5 sep 2021 23:59


Openlucht 5 verschillende locaties in België
1000 Brussel


Basistarief: 60 euro


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