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Danspunt aims to give these dancers and movers aged between 13 and 21 the chance to develop their talent. They are following a series of dance workshops in which they prepare for the film shoots, sample the atmosphere of a film set and get the chance to work with experienced choreographers. We recruited them in Limburg and West Flanders.

Moteur synchrone, a short film by Stanislav Dobak and Jamie Lee

Thoughts merge into each other.
Waves of exhale accumulate into clouds.
Faceless cities of limbs begin to assemble.
Chaotic thoughts begin to make sense.
Mind and body succumb to impulses.
The attempts to unite are never fully realised but offer something new.

The film being made in Limburg is a production by Danspunt, Passerelle and fABULEUS, in partnership with 7 cultural centres in Limburg. The short film by videographer, photographer and choreographer Stanislav Dobak and co-director Jamie Lee will be premiered at the end of November.


Au suivant, a short film by the choreographer Bérengère Bodin in partnership with the filmmaker Philippe Piffet

AU SUIVANT … Next! Jacques Brel repeated it over and over in his song of the same name.
This film is an ode to the brilliance of youth, the fire inside young people. It is a fictional documentary bearing witness to their poetry. Written by, for and with them.

They believe in moving, sweating and outdoing themselves. They meet at an audition, like a long parade of sweaty pilgrims, hoping that the curtain will rise on them.

The young people throw their bodies into the fight. They forget themselves and are completely absorbed into the dance. “Many are called, but few are chosen…” Unless we can look behindthe curtains. Unless we can experience what is going on backstage. Unless we can experience their dream, like a shining promise to the adults of tomorrow…

We look at them, listen to them, observe them, spy on them.

The workshops in preparation for Au suivant, a film by the choreographer Bérengère Bodin in partnership with the filmmaker Philippe Piffet, were scheduled for the end of August 2020. The film is a Danspunt production, co-produced by fABULEUS,Passerelle and Concertgebouw Brugge. It will be screened for the general public for the first time in April 2021.

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