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Research, strengthening and extending networks

Danspunt wants to join the research into how we can preserve dance in all its facets, make it accessible and keep it alive, now and in the future. Danspunt intends to embark on this research in partnership with the sector: it will mainly take the form of a shared quest, not so much for the right answers as for different voices and the richness of diversity.


The power of folk dance

Danspunt aims to learn as it goes along, and it is beginning its quest to do so with folk dance. Folk dancers have always made up a large proportion of our supporters and participants. Folk dance is for all eras and for people of all ages. It has been evolving through the centuries: it is dynamic and passed down from generation to generation. How does that happen? What are folk dancers’ strengths? And what can we learn from them?

Besides extending and strengthening our network, we want to take stock of the needs, desires and aspirations of the many folk dance groups. Then we want to come up with innovative projects and events that respond to the demand from various folk dance groups. And we also plan to offer support in conserving folk dance and making its heritage accessible to a wider audience.

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What activities have we held in the past?

In the spring of 2018, we toured the country organising many round-table discussions on folk dance and heritage at various locations in Flanders. In November 2018, we organized the first RENDEZ-VOUS, a major meeting for all folk dancers. In the spring of 2019, we held workshops concerning ‘recruiting members’. In December 2019, the second edition of RENDEZ-VOUS took place.

What activities does the future hold?

Sunday 25 October 2020 is important date, because that is when Danspunt is organizing the next RENDEZ-VOUS, a major meeting with lots of workshops, dance possibilities and opportunities to exchange experiences for all the folk dance groups in Flanders and Brussels.

Other heritage partners

Many groups or organisations have questions such as: what do I do with my (dance) archive, how do I record and capture my choreography for later or for third parties? What is the best way to store my costumes? Dance groups, companies and organisations can come and listen to what experts have to say on all these questions about heritage at Cemper, the support organisation for performing arts and heritage, and at Werkplaats Immaterieel Cultureel Erfgoed (intangible cultural heritage).

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What’s hot in the world of dance? Read all about it in DANST, our quarterly magazine (only available in Dutch).


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