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D’inspiration Day by Danspunt is the ultimate meet-up day for dance teachers, choreographers and leaders of dance organisations. The previous edition happened on Monday 4 March 2019 in Brussels. The theme was: “Dancing for money: legal statuses and payments for dance”.

Small fees scheme or Social Bureau for Artists? Second job or temporary contract? Self-employment or work for an organisation? Do you sometimes lose track of all the possible statuses and payments? At D’inspiration Day, Danspunt will help you see the wood through the trees!

How can I be paid for my dance work? How can my organisation employ someone? What payments can I combine? What do I have to bear in mind when it comes to social security? If you are puzzling over any of these questions, come to the third edition of D’inspiration Day, the ultimate meet-up for dance teachers, choreographers and dancers as well as organisers, dance companies and directors.

Experts from oKo, Sociare, Cultuurloket and Amplo will all be there with crystal clear explanations of the possibilities open to you. There will also be a few experts in the field available to share their inspiring stories about what they do in practice, and space to share tips and tricks with each other.


1) Introduction: a bird’s-eye view of the landscape of the payments and statuses used in the dance world

2) Conversation tables: you will have two opportunities to join a conversation table that interests you. Each table brings together an expert and a testimonial from the field. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion.

The tables:

  • Volunteer’s allowance and the small fees scheme for artists (KVR)
Expert: Stijn Michielsen (Cultuurloket)
  • Work for an association / odd jobs and the 25-day rule
    Expert: Maarten Gerard (Sociare)
  • Self-employment (contract work), the employment contract and article 1bis (artists’ visa)
    Expert: Liesbeth Dejonghe (oKo)
  • Employment agency / Social Bureau for Artists (SBK)
    Expert: Svea Seymortier (Amplo)

3) Round-up of all the conversation tables

4) Time to talk things over with a drink. The experts present are available to answer your specific questions. 


To prepare for D’inspiration Day, Danspunt will be conducting a survey into types of payment and status that you use to commission or fulfil dance assignments.

Your input will help us adapt our services to your needs, so that we can help the dance community move forward. You will also have a chance to win two tickets to a show of your choice. The survey will take about 5-10 minutes of your time.

Take the survey

Practical details

Monday 4 March 2019 from 13:00 to 17:30.
WIELS, Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussel

Register using this link

Participation is free, but registration is required.
You can register until Wednesday 27 February.
The main language is Dutch.

Do you already have certain questions you want the experts to address? Let us know!


D’inspiration Day is organised by Danspunt in partnership with experts from:

oKo: oKo is the federation for the arts sector, a network organisation and an advocate for the professional arts. oKo unites, informs and takes standpoints.

Sociare: the employers’ federation for the socio-cultural sector. Sociare gives advice, represents interests, provides training and encourages networking.

Cultuurloket: Cultuurloket offers business inspiration for the culture sector. It is the place to go with any questions you might have about work, enterprise and finance.

Amplo, which began as a Social Bureau for Artists (SBK) and has evolved into an HR partner for the creative sector, with a focus on payrolling and customised human resources administration.

D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

The next D’inspiratiedag will take place on 4 March 2019. Register here.

D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

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