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How can you finance your dance association or dance project? Where can you find funding? What is the best strategy for diversifying your income? Where do you start looking for partners or sponsors? How do you increase your own income? How do you draw up a business plan?

In partnership with Cultuurloket, Danspunt is inviting a range of experts and people with experience in the field.

Expect piles of information, tips and inspiration about various forms of financing, including crowdfunding, sponsoring, business planning, friend-raising etc.

Meet the people from Trooper, De Nationale Loterij, VOCATIO, Cera Foundation and Sabam For Culture.


You will find the program on this page

d’inspiratiedag will be held in Dutch. If you don’t speak or understand Dutch but you would like more information about one or more of these topics, contact our information and advice worker Ruth at


D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

The next D’inspiratiedag will take place on 4 March 2019. Register here.

D'Inspiratiedag 2018 © Boumediene Belbachier

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