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One of the aims of Danspunt is to commit fully to ecologically sound activities with attention to sustainable alternatives.

For example, we limit the quantities of printed matter we order, we try to avoid using plastic and we opt for a vegetarian, local and seasonal range whenever possible in our catering. What is more, all our staff come to the office by bicycle or public transport. When we need to travel for professional purposes, we take the train and our folding bikes. We only use cars when there is really no alternative at all.

We realise there are still all kinds of opportunities to make our activities even more sustainable. We are constantly adapting our policy and intend to make far greater efforts in the near future. In our search for new offices, we want to look at what we can improve in terms of energy consumption and suppliers. Along with other cultural organisations, we want to investigate if and how we can buy or loan material together. We also want to encourage the use of sharing platforms such as Peerby among our colleagues, partners and members, even more than we already do.

As a member of Greentrack, the green think tank and active association for the cultural sector, we aim to generate, collect and strengthen knowledge and ideas about sustainability along with other Flemish cultural partners.

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