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DANSSTORM takes over the city with every aspect of dance, dance and more dance. It aims to get all the city’s residents actively involved and participating.

You will find DANSSTORM in theatres, in the street and at beautiful, special places around the city.

Come and see, dance with us, plan your route or allow yourself to be surprised! With new and existing dance productions, workshops, trial sessions and presentations.

DANSSTORM is for people young and old, big and small, fat and thin. In short, it’s for everyone! Almost everything is free. The event will take place on 17, 18 & 19 September 2020 in Kortrijk.

In partnership with the City of Kortrijk, Passerelle and the Flemish Government


What’s hot in the world of dance? Read all about it in DANST, our quarterly magazine (only available in Dutch).


Are you working on your own performance and could you use some artistic and substantive advice? We send a professional coach to constructively support you!

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