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A fire insurance isn’t compulsory, but it is evident that insurance for buildings that you rent or own is in your best interests in addition to civil liability.

The fire insurance for the building and its contents are often two separate policies. It is recommended that you also insure your contents, so check your policy well.

If you are an owner, lessee or lessor of a building or buildings, you should also chec out the page objective liability insurance for fire and explosion.

Do you own a building that is occasionally used by others?

Then it’s a good idea to check if there is a waiver of recourse (“afstand van verhaal”) clause in the fire insurance policy. This means that the insurance covers any damage that is caused by other users of your building.

Are you going to rent a room or building?

Check whether the owner has a waiver of recourse clause (“clausule afstand van verhaal”). in their policy. Your organisation is then protected from claims for damage against it. You will still have to take out contents insurance.

If the owner does not have a waiver of recourse clause in the policy, it’s a good idea to take out building insurance yourself as well as contents insurance.

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