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Foto's © Sien Verstraeten

Foto's © Sien Verstraeten

Foto's © Sien Verstraeten

Foto's © Sien Verstraeten

Foto's © Sien Verstraeten

With the project ‚ÄėCovid-Proof Dancing‚Äô, Danspunt aims to encourage dancers, especially folk dancers, to get onto the dancefloor or start dancing again. We will be allowed to dance again in the coming weeks and months, but we will still need to keep a suitable distance from people outside our bubble. The dances for this project have been created or selected and adapted especially for dancing safely at a suitable distance, in large or small groups.¬†¬†

We asked 11 dance leaders and choreographers to create or adapt a dance for us. This has resulted in 9 films featuring a wide range of dances. You will find the films below, with instructions and extra links to download the music and/or a description of the dance.  

The music for these dances was played and arranged by Shillelagh. 

We wish you a summer full of dancing! 

Sept Sauts (Koen Dhondt Рtraditional from Baskenland) 

Video: Sept Sauts

Music: Les 7 sauts (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 


Branle de la Fosse aux Loups (Pieterjan Hantson, creation by Boris Nortier) 

Video: Branle de la Fosse aux Loups

Music: Branle de la Fosse aux Loups (Boris Nortier, arr. Shillelagh) 

Description of the dance 


Corontradans (creation by Marijke Visterin and Hannelore Van Dyck) 

Video: Corontradans

Music: Contradans van Gent (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 

Description of the dance

Coronamazurka (creation by Petra Belková) 

Video: Coronamazurka 

Music: Wisselmazurka (traditional , arr. Shillelagh) 

Dancers: 4 men and 8 women


Charlie (traditional from Engeland, edit by Katrien Vancraenenbroeck) 

Video: Charlie

Music: Charlie (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 


Valse mixer Pierwet Kacawet (creation by Micheline Neujean and Stéphane Kohn) 

Video: Valse mixer Pierwet Kacawet

Music: Wals voor Polle (Wim Poesen, arr. Shillelagh) 


Coronamixer “Out of the box” (creation by Aur√©lie Giet)¬†

Video: Coronamixer “Out of the box”

Music: Contredanse n.16 Jamin (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 

Description of the dance 


Branle de la Couronne (creation by Vincent Verhelst) 

Video: Branle de la Couronne

Music: Goedenavond speelman РLa Cucharra (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 


Flikker Potpourri (Gabriel Lenoir, creation by Elly Olderaan) 

Video: Flikker Potpourri

Music: Flikker (traditional, arr. Shillelagh) 





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