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KVR-news: artist card and Artist@work

12 November 2019

News for everyone who uses the KVR as form of payment. There are new regulations for the artist card. Also, the modalities of the application Artist@work have been extended.

No KVR without artist card

From January 1st 2020 onwards it is no longer possible to use the KVR without an artist card. The Commission Artists has recently communicated this news.

Actually the artist card has always been a requirement for working with the KVR. But in the past, the application procedure for the artist card could take a very long time. That’s why it was common (and allowed) to work with KVR, as long as you could prove that you have made the application of the artist card. From January 1st 2020 onwards, this wil no longer be accepted.

If you want to work with KVR in 2020 and you don’t yet have an artist card, we reccomend you to apply for the card as soon as possible.The easiest way is through the application Artist@work.

We ask organizers to raise awareness about this rule with the artists they are involved with, and not to give any more KVR’s to anyone without artist cards, after 2020.


Earlier this year we have communicated about Artist@work, a digital application that reduces the administative hassle for artists. The platform allows artists to apply for an artist card or artist visa, and to keep track of artistic performances.

From now on, artists who have received the artist card before the launch of the platform, can also keep track of their artistic performances on artist@work.
This will be possible for the performances from January 1st 2020.
The performances of 2019 still need to be noted on the paper document the artist has received along with the card.

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