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Artist@work reduces paperwork for artists

24 May 2019

Good news for everyone who works with KVR or Article 1bis!

You can now manage the application and administration of your artist card and/or artist visa online. The application artist@work allows artists to apply for all necessary documents and to keep track of artistic performances.

Until now, a big part of the applications and administrations had to be done on paper. This resulted in lots of administrative hassle. The online platform should allow for applications (that can now take months) to be processed more quickly.

How does it work?

The application is only available in Dutch, French and German. It works on the browser of your computer, tablet and smartphone. You can log in to artist@work with your e-ID or the app It’s me.

You can support your applications for an artist card and artist visa with documents (uploads) and websites, and you can add a motivation.

As an artist, you can also keep track of your artistic assignments (with KVR) on the platform. You add the fee, the assignment, the location, … This allows you to keep an overview of your artistic performances, and see how much KVR payments are still available for you that year.

Not mandatory

The new digital platform is not mandatory. Artists who prefer to work on paper can continue this way.

Artists who are already using their paper documents can keep filling them in until the expiration date (period of 5 years). When they apply for an extension, they have the choice to switch to the digital platform.

More information (only in Dutch, French & German)

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