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Content of the program

Why is a creative process so important for the cognitive, emotional and physical development of children?

Neurological research and somatic work have an answer. By means of movement research and dance, you explore the link between the sensory/neurological system and how it interacts with movement and creative development in dance.


© Rudy Carlier

Movement in play is addressed, but also the role of learning by means of relational play and in respect of our surroundings. Some dance teachers are frightened of applying playful tasks in their practice with children. Play is often only used as relaxation between complete, concentrated exercises. How can you use that moment nonetheless to develop a dance skill with children?

In this five-day intensive programme, we invite dance teachers to use more playful tasks or to develop them further. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers and other care-givers who work with children will learn how to apply somatic work, dance and play to stimulate the development of children. You will not only be immersed in the DNA of somatic work with children, but you will also learn to put it into practise: a group of children will join the workshop on day three.

Participants will learn how to apply somatic work, dance and play to stimulate the development of children.

Who’s the teacher?

Adalisa was a guest teacher at our Out of the Toolbox festival in Ghent in 2020. The two-day workshop was a great success and participants asked us if she could give a more intensive programme.

© Rudy Carlier

© Rudy Carlier


Adalisa Menghini is an Italian choreographer, performer, dancer and teacher based in Berlin. She studied at the SNDO in Amsterdam, studied neuro-physiological psychology as a post-graduate and is a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner. Adalisa performs improvisation, creates pieces and has worked with various artists, including Nita Little, Keith Hennessy, Kirstie Simson, LaborGras, Sasha Waltz and Tino Sehgal. She creates choreographies for professional and amateur dancers, including children and senior citizens. She has received the title of best director and choreographer twice for giocabriga, a popular theatrical genre in Italy. Her choreographic work with children in museums has twice won her the Kinder zum Olymp prize for children’s cultural education. Adalisa regularly teaches improvisation, composition and choreography at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK) and contact improvisation and Feldenkrais at the Tanzfabrik Berlin. She is a founder of Somatic Movement Training for teachers, therapists and other care-givers at the Somatic Academy Berlin.

This training is a collaboration between Tictac Art Centre and Danspunt.


From February 28, 2022 to March 4, 2022
Every day from 10am to 4:30pm.

Tictac Art Centre – Rue Emile Carpentier 34 – 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels

250 euros standard rate (for organizations and standard registrations)
200 euro reduction rate (for students, +65, people with a replacement income or increased reimbursement from the health insurance fund)


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