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If you can think of toddlers as explorers, curious creatures trying to understand the world by moving through it, and if you can connect with your own inner toddler, you can experience fantastic dance sessions with them. If you have already worked with children aged 4+ then you know that natural dancersreally do exist. Children who are immersed in the world of dance before their seventh birthdays, with a wide range of approaches, develop an open mind towards developing as dancers.

In this workshop, we will explore in greater depth how you can channel the enthusiasm of young children into asession where they can discover dance. How can you create educational dance sessions that respect young children’s need to play, explore, create and fantasise? We will show video material and discuss written-out dance workshops, and after that you will search for ways to turn your favourite dance style into a basis for dancing with toddlers.

©Katja Pire

Who is the teacher?

Since her studies at Fontys dance academy, Anne-Lore Baeckeland has continued to search for answers to the question of the best ways to get children to try out dance. She has found answers inFreinet, Montessori and Loris Malaguzi (Regio Emilia), but above all from the toddlers themselves. She shares her experience and tools with great passion, giving you months’ worth of inspiration to get to work with young children.

©Katja Pire

©Katja Pire

©Katja Pire

Practical details


Saturday 23 April from 10:00 to 16:00


CCHA – Kunstlaan 5, 3500 Hasselt

Cost price

50 euros standard rate (for organisations and standard registrations)
40 euros reduced rate (for students, over-65s and people on income support or increased health benefits).

You can combine this workshop with our brand new card game ‘Een stil(l) in Dans on Sunday 24 April (combi price 70/60 euros). This is just what you need if you want an extra tool for children (4-12 years old) to get them dancing in a fun way.

Any questions?

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Register here for the workshop and  here for the combination.

What’s hot in the world of dance? Read all about it in DANST, our quarterly magazine (only available in Dutch).


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