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Wanted: partners to organize a training for dance teachers (deadline passed)

17 April 2023

Do you have a dance school with its own studios? Could your teachers use some extra training? Then you’re the partner we’re looking for!

We are looking for five partners in Flanders who would like to organize some free training. Danspunt wants to send you Silke Crombez, a physiotherapist and dancer, to teach you everything about flexibility, stretching, strength, stability and injuries.

What we want from you?

In return for this free workshop, we would like you to open your dance school to other teachers in the area who would be interested in taking part. Who they are, you probably know better than we do. So drum them up by posting, sharing and communicating with them. Let’s fill that studio!

If you want dance teachers to learn together in your dance school, let us know at before 30 May.

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Are you working on your own performance and could you use some artistic and substantive advice? We send a professional coach to constructively support you!

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