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Renewed international travel grants

24 May 2019

Are you an amateur dancer or group with international plans? The Flemish Government can subsidize part of your travel cost!

The subventioninternational travel grants for participation of an international project (internationale reistoelagen voor deelname aan een internationaal project), part of the Flemish Amateur Decree, has been renewed. There is a new application procedure and there are new deadlines.

The next deadline for applications is June 15th 2019.

If you want to apply, we recommend you to start preparing your application in time! Danspunt can help you with your application. Feel free to contact us.

Read more about this subvention (in Dutch).

Who can apply?

You can apply as individual amarteur artist or as a vzw (non-profit organisation).
Only in the transition year of 2019 you can also apply with a ‘feitelijke vereniging’ (non-legal person).

You have to be based in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium or in the biligual region of Brussels-Capital, and be an active player in the field of amateur arts.

You can widely interpret the term ‘amateur arts’. If you are professionally teaching dance to amateurs, you can also qualify, if you motivate it well.

What are the criteria?

You can get the subvention for taking part of an international initiative (alone or with a group). For example giving a performance, taking part of workshops or courses, an exchange or artistic project, …

You need to motivate why the initiative is important for you or your group, and how your participation can contribute to the (international appearance of) the Flemish amateur arts.

The application will be judged on the base of several quality criteria: the importance of the initiative, the international appearance of the project, the possiblity to meet and exchange with others, the ecological footprint, the practical feasibility, …

What is the amount you can receive?

There is no limit to the amount of the subvention.

Do note: the subvention can only cover international travel cost (e.g. flight or train). NOT the stay or accomodation, the local transport or other local costs.

You also have to prove that you are making efforts to finance the trip. You can never receive 100% of the travel cost.


Before October 15: if your trip starts in January, February, March or April
Before February 15: if your trip starts in May, June, July, August
Before June 15: if your trip starts in September, October, November, December

How to apply?

You can only apply in Dutch.

All applications happen through a standard form on the web application KIOSK.

Make your registration and login on this website well in advance!

Do you have questions or do you need advice?

Danspunt is happy to help you with your application. Contact us.

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