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On Saturday 22 May, Danspunt is organising a meeting day (in Dutch!) for over-50s, their dance teachers and future teachers.Expect an innovative concept with a three-part programme!


1 Immersion

Danspunt gives dance teachers the chance to experience what lessons focused on over-50s are like (whatever your own age at present). We provide the teachers and dancers, and you participate in a few workshops as a dancer. That allows you to feel what the dancers experience as well as discovering the charm andchallenges of teaching over-50s.

2 Demonstration

The various participating groups will demonstrate something they have created previously in their own lessons. It may be a production, a film or something else, giving you an idea of the possibilities.

3 Panel discussion

The teachers at this inspiration day have years of experience teaching over-50s. They will share their expertise with you and are looking forward to answering your questions and removing any doubts you might have.
Find the full programme here from 22 April onwards. You can register from that date onwards as well.

Practical details


Sunday 22 April from 10:00 to 18:30


Danspunt, Sint-Salvatorstraat 18a, 9000 Ghent

How much does it cost?

50 euros standard rate – 40 euros reduced rate* (including lunch)
40 euros standard rate – 30 euros reduced rate* (including lunch)
*for students, over-65s and people on income support or increased health benefits

The workshops will be given in Dutch. You can find the full programme (in Dutch) here.

Do you want to know if you will be able to follow this inspiration day? Send an e-mail to

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