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Immerse yourself for three days in the world of a choreographer of your choice. For three days, you will learn about the tricks of the trade and start constructing your own choreography. You have a choice of three choreographers who will be sharing experience and tips from their personal professional process. Three groups will be working together, each in their own studio. To conclude the three days, there will be an exchange between the groups.

For whom?

The three-day workshop is aimed at choreographers, dance teachers and dancers who are creating dance as both amateurs and professionals.


1 Koen De Preter – From Research and Improvisation

We will be working together on your questions about making choreography. Koen will challenge you to allow movement to emerge from research and improvisation, where the confrontation with yourself and your chosen themes will determine the individuality of your work. You can start from scratch or work on a project that you already have in development.

For whom?

This three-day course is aimed at people who are looking for a personal style (which can work in a solo, duet and/or group form) and who are ready to break the rules and take risks.

Koen De Preter is a choreographer and performer. What makes his process distinctive as maker is that he deliberately takes risks with art forms and different specific audience groups by, in the case of the latter, moving between them. He makes regular and school productions, creates pieces outside of the theatre walls and he initiates socio-artistic projects. His productions demonstrate a fascination for performers of different ages and dance backgrounds. A constant in his work is eclectic soundtracks and balancing abstraction and theatricality in dance forms. His work can be seen in diverse venues in Belgium and at international dance festivals.

2 Jonas Vlerick – Dance Composition Systems

In this workshop we will dive deeper into the art of building a single dance phrase to unfurling a complete choreography. We will explore how different dance styles – classical ballet, modern jazz, hip hop or contemporary dance – can be transformed in dynamic partner and group pieces. You will be given the means to construct your own choreography, with a special focus on the intriguing relationship between music and dance. Whether you improvise or work with prepared material, this workshop will increase your skills in a special and authentic way.

For whom?  Dance makers with a solid foundation in a specific dance style, like classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop or modern jazz, and who are prepared to approach their material creatively.

Jonas Vlerick, from Bruges, is an experienced dancer, choreographer and teacher. After his training at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp, he has pursued, since 2003, an impressive career at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, under the direction of figures like Robert Denvers, Kathryn Bennetts, Assis Carreiro and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Jonas’ artistic versatility began to express itself in his roles as a member of the corps de ballet and as a soloist, with works from leading choreographers, like Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Nicolo Fonte, Elo Jorma, Jacopo Godani, Marcia Haydee, Edward Clug, Christian Spuck and Balanchine, etc.

As a choreographer, Jonas has created various unique productions, such as Solar Industries and When No One is Watchingfor Opera Ballet Flanders and internationally. His choreographic work and mentor role in dance education demonstrate his commitment to artistic excellence and innovation. Jonas is currently creating Chasing Horizons for the Mosa Ballet School, in which he continues to outdo himself.

3 David Hernandez – Choreography and Music

David Hernandez’s key question in this three-day workshop is “How do you make an authentic dance piece of your own?”

How can you avoid applying tired systems to make a composition, but follow your own intuition to create something unique?

Hernandez will also be accompanying you in this quest through the subtle interaction between dance and music.  He helps you discover how the dance can become a fourth or fifth voice of the music.



5, 6 and 7 January 2024, from 10am till 5pm.


Dansstudio Danspunt (Dok Noord, Sint-Salvatorstraat 18a, 9000 Ghent)


Koen and Jonas: Dutch or English, depending on who registers.

David: English


150 euros (120 euros voor -26, +65, people with replacement income or increased health insurance benefits)

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