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This is how you still work with the KVR or Article 1a without a card or visa

31 July 2023

Anyone who wanted to work under the KVR [Kleine Vergoedingsregeling or small fees scheme for artists] or section 1(a) [artikel 1bis wet Rijksdienst Sociale Zekerheid] had until 1st July to apply for a cart or visa. If you weren’t able to obtain a card of visa, don’t worry.

Do you still want to work through KVR or section 1(a) this autumn, but don’t have a card or visa? Then you can send an email to the secretariat of artist@work ( Proof in the email that you have agreed with your client to work via KVR and that it was no longer possible to apply for a card. You will then receive a fill-in schedule and additional information so that you can still work through the KVR. Similarly, those who wish to make use of section 1(a) without holding a visa can email the same email address and will then receive the necessary information.

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