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Support the dance sector, show your desire to dance

03 May 2021

‘See Us Dance’ is a campaign to give the sector a face, to show how great the desire is to dance and to strengthen the bonds between dancers and creators, irrespective of their style or experience.

‘See Us Dance’ campaign = four weeks devoted entirely to dancers and creators. We will explore how they have experienced the past year, how they have expressed themselves artistically in spite of everything and what they are looking forward to most right now! The kick-off? A whirlwind dance video with a diverse group of dancers that perfectly reflects their passion and diversity in dance.

What’s hot in the world of dance? Read all about it in DANST, our quarterly magazine (only available in Dutch).


Are you working on your own performance and could you use some artistic and substantive advice? We send a professional coach to constructively support you!

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