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Project call for collaboration with Hauts-de-France, German or French speaking community

18 December 2019

Are you planning a project in a collaboration between a Flanders-based organisation and a partner from Hauts-de-France, the German or French speaking community? Then check out these project calls!

The Flemish Government is launching three project calls. Every call supports cultural collaboration projects with a partner outside of Flanders. There is a call for collaboration with:

  • the German speaking community (Belgium)
  • the French speaking community (Belgium)
  • the region Hauts-de-France (France)

The calls are open to the broad cultural and creative sector. Both individuals and non-profit organisations (vzw’s) are eligible. Every project must consist of at least one partner from both communities or regions.

The amounts of subvention range from € 2.500 to € 10.000 for each partner, depending on the specific call.

Read more and apply through one of the following links:

Project call collaboration with German speaking community
Deadline: On January 31st 2020 at the latest

Project call collaboration with the French speaking community
Deadline: On February 28th februari 2020 at the latest
Check approved projects from previous rounds and more information on

Project call collaboration with Hauts-de-France
Deadline: March 16th 2020 at the latest

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