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New maximum amounts for volunteers & KVR

11 January 2021

There are new indexed maximum amounts for volunteer’s allowance and KVR (small fees scheme for artists).

These are the current indexed amounts.

Maximum amounts flat-rate volunteer’s allowance in 2021

  • maximum € 35,41 per day per volunteer
  • maximum € 1.416,16 per year per volunteer
    (or raised ceiling for sports trainers: maximum € 2.600,9 per year per volunteer)

+ transport costs (public transport, bike or car):

  • maximum 2000 kilometers / year
  • maximum € 708,40 / year
  • maximum € 0,3542 / kilometer (car) (amount valid until June 30th 2021)
  • maximum € 0,24 / kilometer (bike)

Read more about the volunteer’s allowance

Maximum amounts for KVR in 2021

  • maximum € 132,13 per day per organiser
  • maximum € 2.642,53 per year per artist
The KVR cannot be combined with a refund of travel costs or other costs.
Read more about working with KVR.

Maximum kilometer’s allowance

  • Car: maximum € 0,3542 / kilometer (amount valid until June 30th 2021)
  • Bicycle: maximum € 0,24 / kilometer


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