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“backstage – a play” looking for performers

Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

Hello everyone,

we are Dilum Coppens and Yannick Marien, and together we are developing our first play, ‘backstage’, in collaboration with arts center Zinnema in Anderlecht, Brussels.

This project centers on our fascination with so-called liminal spaces, e.g. an abandoned train station or a school corridor that makes you feel as if you have stepped out of space and time, that seems to exist between two worlds or two realities. Sometimes we find ourselves in a mental liminal space, stuck between two stages in life, which is filled with fear and confusion, but also with new possibilities.

In backstage, we try to conjure up this sense of passage and volatility using monologue, video, performance, music and sound. Three characters, three adolescent minds find themselves marooned in a non-space, removed from the fixed reality they had grown accustomed to, and here they wait, aware that they are waiting for something yet without knowing what that something might be. They all become individually immersed in a slow metamorphosis, and there is no saying whether they will be able to complete it.

We are looking for performers between 18 and 30.
Please send us a video introducing yourself, your life, your (acting) experience and why you would like to be part of our play by filling out the following form:

Based on our first selection, we will invite some of you for a try out in December to make a final selection.

Workshop sessions with the selected performers will start mid-January 2024 on Sundays. We will start again with rehearsals at the start of April 2024 until the middle of May 2024, when the play will be performed twice at Zinnema, Anderlecht, on 10 May and 11 May 2024.

Find specific workshop, rehearsal and performance days at the bottom of the form.

We are providing the selected performers with a fee of € 100.

For questions, email us at



24 november 2023


Yannick & Dilum Marien & Coppens


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