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Do you teach dance classes and do you want to pass on that passion to people with a disability? They often bring new inspiration to your dance classes. Inclusive teaching starts with an open, curious attitude, but clearly it also requires a certain amount of knowhow.

In this training session, we take a closer look at what an inclusive mindset means, how it influences your vision of dance, what obstacles exist and how you can remove them. You will also be offered tools to get you started and to keep the level of the class challenging for everyone.

In the first part, you will sample an inclusive dance class with dancers from Platform-K. The second part will be an opportunity for reflection and sharing. There will be opportunities for questions and discussing practical obstacles. You are welcome to mail any concerns or questions in advance to Frauke Seynnaeve who will be facilitating the training. She is a dance worker at Platform-K and one of the authors of the method anthology Eigendraads (available during the training session).

This training session is an initiative by Danspunt, supported by Platform-K and Recreas.

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