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Argentijnse salontango met Eva

7 feb 2020 20:35 - 3 apr 2020 21:50

Salontango voor duo's met met Eva Icikson The Tango Salon enclosure most of the nowadays social dancing styles at Milongas. If you have been dancing for some years already maybe is time to step up to develop your dancing skills deeply and detailed. The elegance and the musicality will be our main characters of these season looking forward to enrich your dance with gracefulness and the cadencia of the traditional Tango. Be sure that technique, classical sequences and tools for improvisation will be present during the lessons as well as very detailed exercises to increase connection and and good feedback between the both members of the couple. As we know Tango is a couple dance, but we will work to get the 100% of each of us and bring back a great experience in every dance. Born in Buenos Aires, Eva Icikson, is considered one of the influential artists among the last generation of tango dancers from Argentina. en #8236; She has been dancing classical and contemporary dances since the age of 15 and took up on tango at the age of 22, which stays as her primary dance ever since. As a tango dancer she has been dancing for more than 11 years and continuously evolving as a professional performer and teacher, constantly improving and discovering new aspects of tango. Eva Icikson found her own unique style and way of dancing, a combination of modern ideas and their individuality along with more traditional aspects of the dance. Since her beginning of her professional career to the present she has been a welcomed guest artist at the most important international tango events and milongas.  


7 feb 2020 20:35 - 3 apr 2020 21:50


Danshuis De Ingang
Hurstweg 8 (zijstraat Wiedauwkaai a/d spoorwegovergang)
9000 Gent


Basistarief: 106 euro


Danshuis De Ingang


Cursus of workshop
Stijl en salondansen
9000 Gent

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